Brett Burstein and Holly Agostino - Married Doctors

Brett Burstein and Holly Agostino - Married Doctors

Brett Burstein

Age: 33 (Nov. 22, 1979)
Nickname: n/a                                

Occupation: Paediatrician

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Place of Birth: Toronto, ON

Couldn’t Live Without: “Breathing (I literally couldn’t live without it).”

Good Luck Charm: My wife

Strengths: Water skiing, cardiac defibrillation

Fears/Phobias: Global warming

Favourite Travel Destination: Sub-Saharan Africa


Holly Agostino

Age: 33 (March 25, 1980)
Nickname: Punky

Occupation: Paediatrician

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Place of Birth: Montreal, QC

Couldn’t Live Without: “Coffee and lip gloss (not mixed together).”

Strengths: Connecting with teens, photography, being a doctor

Fears/Phobias: Intense fear of fish or anything from the sea

Favourite Travel Destination: Paris



Brett and Holly met 10 years ago in Montreal at McGill medical school, and are now married paediatricians working at Montreal Children’s Hospital. They take great pride in helping people and changing lives, but don’t let their career path fool you – these two are hard-nosed competitors. And when this couple disagrees, the sparks fly.


As doctors, they are an intimidating team with Brett as the more opinionated of the two. But don’t let Holly’s quiet demeanour fool you – they are here to win. “We are definitely ready,” says Holly. “Who ultimately wins clearly involves an element of luck but a team will always lose when they get careless.” Brett adds, “I don’t worry about doing things that are morally bankrupt.”


Brett and Holly have travelled around the world, but have done little travelling inside the borders of their home country. They believe THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is the perfect opportunity to see Canada and let their relationship grow.


Motto: “Total focus, eyes on the prize!”


How will they plan to win The Race: “Be cunning and resourceful, we are pros at functioning under pressure no matter what the conditions.”


Number one roadblock as team: “Over-analyzing. Our challenge as a team will be to embrace the quiet moments to refuel, get out of the game, and enjoy the beauty of Canada.”